We’re a $1.99 world…

Last week I touched on the media and how they’ve helped shaped the perception of body image.  This weeks culprit is much more straightforward and simple.  It comes down to simple commerce and how people choose to spend their money.  The McDonalds, KFCs, and Burger Kings are destroying our world one $1.99 deal at a time.

I live literally one block away from a McDonalds and a KFC/Taco Bell, and I know it’s a simple matter of self-control but damn them and their cheap meals.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home from work or playing sports or the bar and been starving.  I didn’t want to cook but I needed instant sustenance, so I do the math in my head.  Where can I get a lot of tasty food fast and cheap?  When you break it down an average McDonalds meal is probably

I could have it all for about $14.00

$5.99, toss in two $1.39 sandwiches, super size your meal for $0.25 and boom… 1 massive pop, 1 massive order of fries, a decent sized burger washed down with two smaller ones.  So I pay roughly $9.02 before taxes and I’ll have my meal in about 5 -7 mins. (I know… it’s okay to think it! GROSS)

Where else can you spend that kind of money and get that much food?  Unless you go to an all you can eat joint, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a healthy alternative.  Which is the main issue… isn’t it?  Sure we have the Subways and Quiznos, and most Fast Food joints have adopted some sort of healthy alternative menu but aren’t those just the lesser of two evils?  Plus even if you make it to the grocery store, the good for you food is usually noticeably more expensive than your pre-made quick meals.

It doesn’t cost a whole lot to eat bad, whereas eating healthy takes effort and a little more money.  When we step back and look at it,  it makes sense and we understand what it takes to eat healthy.  The problem is when most people are in the moment, those moments when they want something quick and cheap… they tend to choose the path of least fiscal resistance and minimal physical exertion.

Next week… Portion Distortion

7 responses to “We’re a $1.99 world…

  1. “..they tend to choose the path of least fiscal resistance and minimal physical exertion.” Great line.

  2. I agree with this post. However, I also have to say that Lauren Graham is extremely talented, intelligent, and hilarious. Anyone who knows anything about her personal life knows she is an imcredibly good person who is very close th her family. Being a hater is really low-brow. Being a hater publicly is even worse.

    • Thanks…

      Also I’m not hating on her, I think she’s great in Gilmore Girl’s. To clarify I said nothing about her personal life in my tweets, I said I don’t like the way she plays the roll of Sarah Braverman on Parenthood. I’m sure she’s a wonderful individual but when it comes to Parenthood and her portrayal of that roll… You’ll find me in the corner sipping on a tall glass of hatorade!

  3. that’s what i thought too….great line

  4. I love this post because people always gloss over the fact that it’s not easier to eat better, and that’s part of why it’s hard to lose weight and be fit! Thanks, Turn. 🙂 Really enjoying hearing a male perspective. Looking forward to Portion Distortion.

  5. haha way to remind me that i eat poorly…

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