The Blatantly Subtle Brainwash…

There’s been some great discussion on body image… over on FreshFood she tackles the concept of vanity and complacency when it comes to looks.  While on the Musings of the LiL’Devil Mama she brings up an interesting issue of our own perception of body image versus our partners perception of our body image.  Both very good reads, if you have a chance I think you should check it them out.

Now there’s so many different issue that lead to a negative perception of body image, I think the main one is the media.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the media for the weight problems or eating disorders people go through.  Although they do play a part, I think that’s the easy way out and we end up shifting the onus of responsibility.  What I am saying though is that their perception of what is beautiful has caused the average person to have a warped sense of body

"I only held this pose for 5hrs"

image.  For example when guys take a look at Ryan Reynolds they see someone that girls drool over.  They don’t see that his job is to look good, they don’t see that he has a personal chef (when training), they don’t see that he trains all the time.  All we comprehend is that girls want to do nasty things on his abs.  Same goes for girls… look at Victoria Secret models, everyone knows that those images are airbrushed and they have a team of make-up artist/stylist setting everything up for the perfect shot.  Only problem is when most girls look at Marisa Miller… they don’t see that. They see this (Insert dirty male  thoughts)

"Is there something on my stomach?"

We’ve become accustom to this notion of beauty, which for the most part is unattainable for the average person.  (I’m not saying it’s impossible, just hard)  We see it on billboards, magazine covers, commercials, and movies… it seeps into our subconscious, we fantasize about it, and most people accept it.  Then we go to the gym and work our tails off… the question is are we working out to be healthy or to look like Ryan Reynolds? (I’m guilty of this) There’s a huge difference between being healthy and having washboard abs.

How do we change the notion?  How do we shift the paradigm?  Hell, I’m in the middle of it and I don’t know… is it just something we’re destined to struggle with forever?

I understand the whole point of fantasizing is to indulge in the thought of something that seems otherwise impossible, but I have to wonder how different things would be if our fantasies as it relates to body image were about the average person…

2 responses to “The Blatantly Subtle Brainwash…

  1. i wish our fantasies WERE about the average body. would make things sooo much easier and i wouldn’t have to keep watching Ciara’s music videos in hopes of one day morphing into her…sigh…

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