Bad Lessons

I think I taught her how to run, I know I taught her how to leave
You see before she met me she was calm and cool like a breeze
She was fun, warm, and soft… with eyes that twinkled like the stars
Now she’s tempered, hot, and hard… and those stars are replaced with scars

I know I taught her how to shout, for sure I taught her how to fight
Because I started simple arguments that ended in lonely nights
I was cold and calculated… impatiently waiting to destroy our love
She was willing and unaware… a sentiment she conveyed with each hug

I know I showed her how to cut, I definitely showed her how to bleed
My words mutilated her soul but left my mouth with utmost ease
She’d whisk pain away from her cheeks in an attempt to clear the air
But as her iniquitous teacher… I had to teach her that life’s unfair

7 responses to “Bad Lessons

  1. Wow hun. Powerful stuff… great work.

  2. Wow – you are amazing!!! LOVE this – but hate it at the same time. You know what I mean XO

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  4. This was tough to read but I totally understand where you came from. EXCELLENT!

  5. This is beautiful, but it does make me sad for this woman. Great writing tho.

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