Check your pulse…

What is the meaning of a heartbeat?  In short it’s the very essence of life… with each beat and pump, blood gets pushed through our bodies.  This action is often taken for granted because it comes to us just as easy as inhaling and exhaling.

I tend to look at relationships like a heartbeat, I want a relationship that has a healthy EKG reading.  I understand that a relationship isn’t going to be roses 24/7 but I also understand that it shouldn’t be “just okay” or fighting 24/7.  I think a healthy relationship reads exactly like an EKG, you have highs… you have lows… and you have some constants.  I think there needs to be a healthy level of emotional push and pull (yes by emotional push and pull I mean drama) because it helps you feel alive.  (not too much, just some)  More importantly I think it’s important to keep that heartbeat healthy after years 1 -3, after you’ve known each other for a long time.

I think 10 out of 10 people would rather be crazy about the person they’re with than indifferent.  I’d think you’d want your face to light up when you talk about the person you’re with, not a shoulder shrug and a blank expression.

I don’t think enough people take their relationship EKG and they take that heartbeat for granted.

When’s the last time you took the pulse of your relationship?

4 responses to “Check your pulse…

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  2. Very good point, Turn J. The perception that a relationship is entirely full of passion 24/7 is a misguided one, and every relationship will include some natural ebb and flow. Everyone fights, even the most “in love” couples. And that’s ok. But in my experience, I’ve found the most successful of relationships have included a faster recovery time from these fights. There’s less simmering in negative feelings and more of a recovery. So if you want to extend this metaphor, you might say that a healthy relationship is like a healthy immune system. You may get a little sick from time to time, but ultimately you’ll recover and continue living healthfully and happily.

  3. Great metaphor for relationships and the healthiness of one’s life in general. where are your priorities? Where are your putting all your energy–is it toward something with meaning and purpose or is it toward something that will lead you to flatline?

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