I was lost for a min…

Life has a very distinct ebb and flow to it, everything happens with a very innate momentum.  That goes for bad things and good things.  I haven’t written since September 5th, a whole month of inaction.  After the first week I told myself I was going to post something and then that week turned into two.  All of a sudden the pressure of writing something made it impossible for me to throw a post up.  Although, the lack of writing was indicative of something bigger going on in my life… I was caught in a current of negative momentum.  (Lord knows I’m not out of the woods yet)

I turned 28 last month and I’ll be honest my life felt/feels like it’s off track, I’ll spare you the sordid details but needless to say I felt/feel a couple of things were/are missing.  So I got into this funk… I felt like a King paddling around in the moat surrounding my kingdom, pointing out all the flaws in the castle it took me 28 years to build.  After all we are our own toughest critics and my perception of my life was not at all close to the reality.

So after some quasi self-loathing, unnecessary binge drinking/eating, and being a shut in… I decided I better right this ship before it’s to late.  How do you right the ship?? Well it starts by creating some positive momentum.  The problem about being in a rut is the comfort… we know things aren’t right, and we know there needs to be changes. Yet we’d rather point out the problems and not do anything about them because that would take action… and action actually requires work.  Let’s face it… being in a rut and laziness go hand in hand, that’s usually how we end up there.

So I rustled up some positive momentum by enrolling in a French class and taking guitar lessons.  Two things I’ve wanted to do forever but never got around to it.  Then to help prevent this from happening again I made a list of 30 things I want to do before I’m 30. (A way to keep the momentum going)

Sooner or later we all realize that the only person stopping us from doing what we want… is US.  Whether you’re in a rut, a bad relationship, or a bad job… we all have the ability to change our environment.

When you become comfortable in a bad situation, it’s time to look for the great feeling that arises from a new uncomfortable one.

9 responses to “I was lost for a min…

  1. I know what that rut’s like… and you’re 100% correct- WE are the ones holding ourselves back. It took me a long time to realize that. I really loved this. Not only is it encouraging and motivational, it’s also full of beautiful language. I’m a sucker for beautiful language. Thanks for this.

  2. Great post! I wish more people realized that they have the ability to make themselves happy, sad, whatever. We’re much more in control of our own lives than we’d like to admit sometimes.

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  4. Excellent post, Turn. Welcome back.

  5. Welcome back. Enjoyed this post. I think it’s awesome you signed up for French class and guitar lessons. Way to take action! Enjoy the classes 🙂

  6. Momentum will ebb and flow in life. Awareness of that momentum is what is key. You can’t always control the content but you can control the form–how you hold what is happening to you. Single people of all shapes and sexes sense the ability to do so in another and it is kryptonite for attraction.

  7. At first I read that you’d become a shut in.

    Which would be a very different blog post.

    Though probably not one that would end in French and guitar lessons.

    And I’m excited about the guitar lessons.

    By excited, I mean envious.

    Now I’ll be forced to make you teach me.

    Which might be difficult to do over Twitter.

    But I’m glad you’re fighting your funk.

    It doesn’t stand a chance.

  8. I missed you TJ! Loved this “pointing out all the flaws in the castle it took me 28 years to build”…. I can relate to that. ❤

  9. Welcome back (and not just on the blog I mean)…like welcome back to the sunshine 😛

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