Emotional Roulette

We chase what we want, but don’t always want what we get

It’s an endless game of emotional roulette

Please... land on my heart!

We roll the dice on potential and disguise chance as fate

All the while stuck in limbo as we patiently wait

We’re submerged in the moment and suffocated by love

Cultivating the feeling that this was preordained from above

But if it really was destined it wouldn’t be this marred

And if they really wanted us it wouldn’t be this hard

In the end it comes down to two impossible choices

Do we play one more hand or do we cut our losses?

They say the true form of insanity is acting on a history that’s repeating

But I would do it all again for love as long as my heart is still beating

6 responses to “Emotional Roulette

  1. I often felt insane chasing after a guy that was no good for me. Trying to make it work with someone that didn’t understand me. Took me a long time but I final found the courage to walk away.

  2. Sounds like the beginnings of a great song, Turn.

  3. you had me until the last like. good for you for wanting that thing called “love”. i’m not sure i’m capable of feeling it again.

  4. This will get you laid.

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