A Man of My Word

It pains me to say this but my beloved Chicago Bears lost on Saturday to the San Diego Chargers.

Normally a preseason game is nothing to shake a stick at but I made a bet on twitter with @SageStella.  You see although @SageStella is a Super Blogette she is fatally flawed… she’s a San Diego Chargers fan.  But I digress… the true meaning of this post is to fulfill my duty as the 2nd place winner of our bet and briefly tell you how awesome @SageStella is…

@SageStella and I met through the wonderfully eloquent @stineybean on twitter.  When she introduced me to the Super Blogettes, and more importantly @SageStella’s furiously funny sense of humor.  This lead to an instant kinship on twitter where I found out that @SageStella’s wit is only outmatched by her style and taste in music.  Her love of bow-ties and waistcoats quickly vaulted her to my “favorite people on twitter list” (It’s a mental list, haven’t actually made the twitter list yet)  And if that wasn’t enough after we exchanged YouTube Channel information I realized just how money her musical tastes were.

Whether her tweets are funny, sarcastic, or sweet… @SageStella always manages to bring a smile to her twitter faithful!  If you aren’t following her on twitter yet… do yourself a favor and follow her now!

P.S. San Diego Chargers suck!

6 responses to “A Man of My Word

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  2. I look forward to reading both of your Twitter posts every day but I have to say I’m with @SageStella here – GO CHARGERS!!!!

  3. Thanks for honoring the bet Turn! I think it will be the first of many (that I will win all of). And thank to AlwaysLuv for sharing the Chargers love and also reminding me of this song, which is awesome:

  4. I think this is the sort of armchair argument that old married couple has. Way to accelerate life, y’all.

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