The lyrical high…

I’m actually surprised it took me this long to write about music, but for those of you who don’t know I love lyrics!!!

Blatant Marketing Ploy

A song without lyrics is a song I can’t truly connect with (Unless it’s Classical or Chris Botti) and it will probably fade out of my play-list over time.  On the flip side if you can write something that speaks to the deep recesses of my soul, you’ll always have a place in my “Microsoft Zune MP3 Player”. (feel free to send a cheque Microsoft)

I recently had a conversation with my buddy @CoachJMC and he’s the total opposite of me. I think he respects a well written song but don’t ask him to recite song lyrics verbatim.  His way of listen to music floored me because as lyric junky I get my high from reciting lyrics.  I’m not and have never really been big into drugs but I think I can relate to the feeling of being taking to another place or another state of mind.  You see every time I recite lyrics or play a certain song I’m taken back to a place, a place where I remember the feelings I had at one time… bad or good, painfully or happy.  It’s the fingerprints (<– old post) that a time or a person has left imprinted on my soul.  So I’m reminded of someone special, or maybe a moment I shared with someone who was exceptional.

It’s the reason that reciting Relationship Suicide by The Script reminds me of the last months of my longest relationship and how I inadvertently jumped and forced my girl at the time to jump with me. It’s the same reason that Halo by Bloc Party perfectly describes a moment in time I shared with someone special and how at that time I swear the world was only populated by us.  It’s the reason that regardless of how hard and tough life gets, the moment I hear the guitar twang on Vultures by John Mayer, I know I’ll be alright and I’ll come through any situation life throws at me. (Fact – Vultures is by far John Mayer’s best song… okay so it’s not a fact, it’s just my opinion)

I guess that’s the beauty of the lyrical high, it’s different for everyone.  We draw our own picture and paint our own images as we recite words that conjure up emotions.

So I’ll leave you with this… it’s a song about “That Song” (I’ve provide the lyrics if you feel so inclined to read along)

So I always get nostalgic with that song
But in my room it’s forced
It has to be in some car across the street
And I always catch the back of your head in the crowd
Just don’t turn around it’s never you
And they ruin those memories
And those photos are great
If I catch them with the side of  my eye
But if I stare
Just turns into you and me
We’re just standing there

And now it’s over
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs
And when you go there
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs

So I always fool my friends
When we head down there
They think that we’re en route
We just drove by your house
And you weren’t there
And I’m always great
When I’m hangin’ with your buds
And they lie
They think that I’m just fine
It’s always been that way
Just a pocketbook brando

And when you hold him
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs
You love my whisper
But did you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs

So you crank that song
And it might sound doomed
So just leave the room
While l sit and stare
Cause this is a rare
I really love that tune
Man I love that song
I really love that song
I love that song

So when you going
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs
And when you’re hating
Would you hear me
Scream at the top of my lungs

So you crank that song
And it might sound doomed
So just leave the room
While I sit and stare
Cause they that’s rare
I really love that tune
Man I love that song
I love that song

7 responses to “The lyrical high…

  1. I too love song lyrics! Before FF no man had understood my fundamental need to learn & recite song lyrics. They enjoyed music but in a completely different way from me. It’s still the music that will get FF’s attention but he still hears the lyrics and when I tell him how much I love a song, I know he listens to them. Great post friend!

  2. Being called out I feel like I have to expand my side of the Music vs. Lyrics debate. I do respect a well written song and have a number of favorite lyricists but I clearly dont share Mr. Jacson’s view that lyrics are the most important aspect of a song.
    Lyrics to me are just another layer in a song. A layer that I may not pay as much attention to as I should. But in the same way you can identify points of your life with certain lyrics, I have the same feeling towards the “music” or “mood” of a song for a lack of a better term to describe it.
    Listening to Sigur Ros seems to amplify my mood for good or bad and seeing as I dont speak Icelandic, the lyrics are meaningless to me. What remains are the melodic qualities of the singers voice and the music. I dont know what Karen O is saying about love in “Maps” but I know how her voice and the music makes me to feel after listening to that first beat of the drums. Whenever I hear Bob Seager’s “Night Moves” I have to sing along but I have no idea to this day that a night move is or who could have lost a few pounds. (As an aside, for some reason I feel like peoples response to this song can be used as an effective filter to weed out new friends from strangers. I realize this is crazy.)
    A sad song doesn’t necessarily have to be sad and a love song doesn’t necessarily have to have someone talking about love, although they may be strongly correlated. To me listening to music is so powerful because it leaves the listener in control to interpret the song or music in whatever way they choose. Good lyrics will always come in second to a great song that can move me emotionally. The important thing is musics ability to have a profound effect on us as listeners and enjoyers of music no matter how we internalize it.

    • Bah ha ha ha…

      A) I didn’t call you out, I just said we were opposite
      B) Holy comment batman!
      C) Do you have something you want to get off your chest??
      D) There is no right or wrong way to listen to music, I was just stating my way…

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  4. I am with you and Saucy. Lyrics to me are the soul of the song. I often go read the lyrics of a new song that I start to like. One of my favorite songs that just speaks to my soul is Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. Hauntingly beautiful and the lyrics…. those sum up a relationship with an ex. Or Chasing Pavements by Adele, I dated someone that loved her and loved that CD, that song is imprinted into my memory for so many reasons.

    (I love that you do lists… )

  5. Just came over from Simone’s blog. I’m with Coach! I have to admit that it usually takes a few listens for me to even hear the words! If there’s a song I really like I may be able to sing along, but ask me to recite them and I’ll just look at you blankly. I think it equates to how we learn. Can you hear a speech and remember everything the person says? Not me. But if I see a visual, its like a photograph in my brain. Interesting topic!

  6. I too am on Coach’s side of the camp. For me lyrics are secondary to the music, which can take me places completely unrelated to the lyrics, but the links you’ve included (especially the John Mayer one) qualify on both counts. Great stuff!

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