Wedding Aftermath

So here it is… the long-awaited follow-up to my Wedding Season post. (You know you were dying for this post)

Overall I think these last two weddings were a success, both weddings were amazing and I had a great time. I did get a hint of the wedding blues but that goes without saying… it’s just something about seeing friends getting married that leaves me feeling a little unfulfilled. (I think I’m just going to propose to TheEngagementProject and put our game of cat and mouse to bed! 😉 )

Anyhow here is how the change in approach played out and the lessons I’ve learned.

Wedding #1:

I might have failed at the whole “drink a lot less” portion at this wedding.  Long story short I forget a large majority of the night, but there’s a reason for that.  The wedding was on a Saturday and we got schmammered on the Friday night in our hotel room with a bunch of friends.  This left me tired all day Saturday, so I decided to drink a lot of coffee. (I’m not a coffee drinker)  At which point I wasn’t really getting drunk so I drank some more booze.  Then the coffee wore off or the booze wore on… can’t remember!!  All I know is I told the same secret to the same person twice. (The password to my vault – SHOTS!)

So although I stole a shot glass to only have it break in my pocket and cut my hand, I do remember a couple of key things from the night.

A) Having a deep conversation with my friend about over-analyzing why I’m single instead of actually doing anything about it. (Okay I only remember parts of the conversation)

B) Dancing/Singing my face off

C) Holding the broom stick for a limbo competition

D) Accusing a girl of a mischievous act, then trying to make out with her… in the course of 3 mins (That’s my award on the right)

Wedding #2:

This night can be summed up by my tweets here, here, here, and wait for it… here.  I spent 95% of my time on the dance floor just having good clean fun.  Between starting up the locomotion and busting out a 5 man Y-M-C-A (WTF?)…I had a blast and I kept my shenanigans in check for once. (I’m getting there)  I even managed to apologize to the girl I only moderately offended at the last wedding. (Look at me go)

No self imposed pressure to meet someone turned into two wonderful nights.

That ends this years wedding bonanza, next year I already have three lined up. One in which I’ll be taking my talents to the Dominican Republic.  (Shenanigans in international waters have never been so risqué)

7 responses to “Wedding Aftermath

  1. Yes! Please propose to Bea! And don’t forget FF & I when the invites go out!

  2. Just so we’re clear: the perfect recipe for me accepting your proposal is shots + the wedding blues. So if you ever need a date to one of these shindigs, you just let me know.

    (who am i kidding, i’d totally accept it sober. probably.)

    • Okay, it’s settled…

      When I’m in your city next we’ll do karaoke, shots, and then have an announcement for our twitter/blog followers 😉

      @saucyredhead915 will be ecstatic

  3. Those tweets were priceless! You must have a lot of friends I haven’t been to a wedding (other than my own) in years…. but I can probably beat you on divorce parties 😉

  4. Willis Manning Jr.

    this is gold

  5. Hey, if you can’t count on weddings for the free booze, what can you… I forgot how I was going to end that sentence. Meeting your life partner at a wedding is no guarantee, but getting shitfaced is an ace in the hole! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

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