Island of Solitude

As I rest on my island of solitude and silence

My soul burns under the brightness of all this quiet

What started as a moat to keep my heart protected

Has now eroded into an ocean because of the connections I neglected

Felt like yesterday when you were just an arm’s length away

Being alone can be beautiful

And today you’re a mirage that I plead with to stay

But this island has grown into a place of self-reflection

As I stare into the water I see emotional flaws that need correction

So I converse with my conscience and laugh with my thoughts

And start to see the imperfections inside me that led me to rot

As I argue with my doubt and break bread with my wisdom

I feel growth from within that will lead me to freedom

So although I’m isolated I’m completely self-aware

And I know I can’t leave this island till I’ve stripped myself bare

Because seeking happiness  in someone else is a futile task

I must first be happy with myself if I truly want it to last

When the time is right I’ll set sail off this island

Finding the joy and pleasures that lay on the horizon

2 responses to “Island of Solitude

  1. Your words are so true, and beautifully written

  2. You presented the classic issue of self-reflection to obtain self-worth so well in you poem…I like the way you approached obtaining it.

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