Wedding season

I looked at my fridge this weekend and realized it’s wedding season! (My fridge is littered with either “wedding invitations” or “thanks for sharing our special day” cards)  I’m going to level with you guys, I love weddings!  I love to put on my finest linens, drink, and dance up a storm.  Throw in 75 – 150 of your closest friends, your own personal DJ and a couple of parents who know how to have a good time.  What’s not to love about that?  I can’t wait for my own wedding because I love to throw a party, so my wedding in a word will be EPIC! (I once made a Movie Trailer for my birthday party, you couldn’t watch it and not want to drink)

Recently though I’ve been getting the wedding blues and weddings seem to be turning into that proverbial large bowl of ice cream.  (You eat it and it’s so good but then you feel terrible after) In the last 2 years I’ve been to six weddings, I have three more this summer and already two for next year.  I’ll admit some of it is born out of jealousy because I want what they all have.  I want the celebration, the emotion, and most of all the suitable companion.  That coupled with the recent “have you met anyone” talk my folks decided to lay on me when I went home last.  I always end up feeling a little extra pressure to meet someone after every wedding I attend.    So I think 2010 is the year to revisit my approach to weddings.

TJ’s guide to weddings so far has been…

1) Scope out hotties at the ceremony

2) Drink a little… then a lot

3) Impress hotties with mad dance skills

4) Drink more

5) Make out with someone I don’t know (NOT initial hottie I was scoping)

6) Start sobering up, realize I’m about to make a huge mistake and head home…

Sometimes you can substitute 5/6 for “pass out under a table/almost get arrested”.  (It’s a long story but seriously who calls the cops when a 6’3” black man is banging on their door?  Wait!! Don’t answer that…)

Clearly you can see why I haven’t met anyone at a wedding.  Step two usually happens sometime between the ceremony and the reception slide show.  So I’ve been thinking it’s time to going to change the game, “flip the script” as all the cool kids say.

#1: Drink a lot less than I have in the past.  It won’t be any less of a celebration if I tone it down a touch, plus then I don’t have to walk back to the reception hall in my suit and tie looking like I came off the set of “The Hangover” because I lost my keys. (Longest and hottest walk of my life)

#2: Drop all this self-imposed pressure of meeting someone at a wedding and just have fun.  I tend to get lost in all the scoping of chicks that I miss out on key points in the night.

Hopefully with a change in approach I’ll have a change in outcome… Wish me luck as I get ready to bust out my bow tie and hit the wedding circuit.

Countdown: 2 weeks!!

10 responses to “Wedding season

  1. Hello fellow operative. I see that you are an expert in the art of subtrefuge as well.

    Carry on soldier.

    Generalissimo ClueXFour

  2. Has anyone ever met anyone at a wedding? wait… let me clarify, that wasnt more than a drunken hook up?

    I think your strategy of toning it down might just work. Also, some hottie might be checking you out, so maybe let the butterfly land on your shoulder….

  3. Huh—I like the fact that you LIKE weddings—what guys do?? Anyway, I prefer the guests who are drinking and having a good time. They are more fun than the people who sit in front of their cold plates of salmon for 2 hours. Besides, the bride and groom certainly want fun people, right? And the bridesmaids do wanna hook up. I say it’s a win-win. Have a fun summer!

  4. I think you missed an important clarification: you love receptions. Nobody loves weddings. Weddings are boring. And depending on religion of the happy couple, weddings can be long. Long and boring never mix well. But receptions – receptions are fantastic. They’re parties, but people travel to make it, so everybody’s there, and they’ve spent tons of money, so everything’s taken care of.

    I sometimes think I should just throw myself a fake wedding (to trick out-of-town guests into actually coming) then when everyone gets there pretend some guy jilted me so I can just have an awesome party w/all the people I love.

    And one of my best friends once had to go to a bar to see if she’d left her dress there, so forgetting your keys isn’t bad at all!

  5. You’re either an extremely tall 6’3″ or I’m a damn short 6’2″.

    On topic…

    I’ve always found that I love the reception of a friends wedding. Some family weddings I’ve been to can be a bit dry but it’s common for the crowd to be older and less vibrant (dunno why).

    At the fun weddings the vibe is akin to getting off the airplane, ditching your bags and heading out for adventure. There is a great lead up and then the excitement is kind of dangled in front of you as you have to wait for the dance. This ferver mixed with some alcohol usual leads me to love the speeches and feel nostaligic.

    Now that I’m on the other side of the guest/host relationship I encourage you to drink to your socially functional limit.

  6. As a professional DJ I can sling a little perspective, I’ve been 2 countless receptions, best just be yourself…don’t not drink, but don’t let the alcohol make all your decisions. Don’t go in with a preconceived idea that u have to meet someone or hookup with someone. Be you, have fun, and you may attract Mrs right/rightnow. We always seem to find the right one/they find us when we’re least expecting it. Enjoy your upcoming wedding season and make sure you request “starry-eyed surprise” for me

  7. Nice! Our wedding philosophy was thus:

    Keep the ceremony short, and open the bar ASAP.

    We’ve been told by many, many folks it was the best wedding they’d ever attended. 🙂

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