7 Movies + 1 Day = Personal Best

Back in University during a rec game of basketball I fractured my nose.  I didn’t feel the blood come streaming out of my face until I was at mid court.  Then when I finally made it to the washroom, I turned the inside of the lavatory into Quentin Tarantino’s wet dream… Blood Everywhere!!  That night I had to keep my head propped up so the blood could clot, and to help facilitate me staying awake my roommates and I decided it would be a good idea to watch all of the Star Wars from start to finish.  Needless to say I think I made it through 1 ½ before I feel asleep. Usually that’s what happens… I can get about two or three movies in a row then I’m lights out.

Fast forward to now and cue the cruel mistress we call Mother Nature, she decided to fill my weekend with rain/sleet/snow.  So I took this as an opportunity to shatter my previous record of consecutive movies watched.  Before I break down my movies I’d like to give a quick shout out to my teammates that made reaching this goal possible.  Couch and Blanket, you guys are the unsung heroes… your clutch play gave me the perfect level of comfort I needed to set this record.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

Movie #1: Away We Go – 4 out of 5

Charming, Funny… overall this movie was solid from start to finish.  The plot had the perfect combination of humor and serious emotion, with a wonderfully quirky couple.  I wasn’t a really big fan of John Krasinski until now, he makes this move go.

Movie #2: Definitely, Maybe – 2.5 out of 5

Started this movie 35mins in… I checked with @jaysey818 and she confirmed that I could still count it towards the total.  Interesting movie… I find it a little perplexing that you would want to talk about all your past hook-ups with your 11-year old daughter.  Either way I’m vanilla on this movie… it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good.

Movie #3: Edge of Darkness – 2 out of 5

This movie was too predictable and over crowded with clichés.  I didn’t really buy Mel Gibson as a Boston detective with that brutal accent and lisp.  The whole plot of the movie started off slightly believable but then takes a decided turn towards ridiculous.

Movie #4: Valentine’s Day – 3 out of 5

This movie is kind of like a poor man’s Love Actually, but I think it does a good job getting the feel of Valentine’s Day.  I like the interweaving of characters and it was pure genius by the director to give both Taylors limited screen time.  (They Stink!)  It’s a feel good movie that feeds my inner romantic, if you don’t expect too much from this movie you’ll enjoy it.  (I got into an email argument with my buddy @mjsmith19 because he thought the Holiday was a better movie.  I’m sorry I will never accept a romantic movie that has Jack Black as one of the main characters, the evidence is in Shallow Hal)

Movie #5: Ninja Assassin – 1.5 out of 5

BLOOD and LIMBS… this movie was terrible!  Apart from the cool training scenes when the main character is throwing shuriken at targets blindfolded and I thought to myself “How cool would it be to be a ninja?” This movie had nothing to offer!  I recommend you go to the dentist rather than watch this movie.

Movie #6: The Book of Eli – 3 out of 5

I’ve always like Denzel Washington movies and this was no exception.  It could have used a little more back story as I was confused at some points of the movie and I found Mila Kunis mildly annoying.  Overall I enjoyed this post-apocalyptic flick until the end when they clearly set the table for Book of Eli 2 staring Mila Kunis.  (I hope to God this goes straight to DVD)

Movie #7: Youth in Revolt – 4 out of 5

Michael Cera is sort of one-dimensional when I comes to acting, but he has that one dimension locked down.  I don’t think anyone embodies teenage angst the way he does.  This movie was hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Probably could have used one less scene of Michael Cera in his underwear, but the alter ego character in this movie was classic.  What teen doesn’t wish they had an alter ego they could turn on to help them through the awkward situations that life throws at them. (Heck, I could still use one)

Laziest day ever… but it was hard work!

8 responses to “7 Movies + 1 Day = Personal Best

  1. I LOVED Away We Go.

  2. Let’s make one thing clear. The holiday was decent at best, but when compared Valentines day it looks like the godfather of romantic comedies.

  3. I’ve never tried to marathon movies, I don’t think I’d make it.

    TV shows now, that’s another story.

  4. I just enjoy the fact that there are TWO chick flicks and you watched them of your accord… no one held a gun to your head… I may be even more smitten now… (I’m just saying)

  5. Good reviews. I won’t be wasting my time on #2 or #5. Looking forward to renewing my love of John Krasinski though 🙂

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