Ol’ Blue Eyes gives me hope

Okay, I just read a blog post from my twitter crush and I’m going to have to disagree.  Knights in Shining Armour do exist, we just can’t find work.

I’m a romantic… I send letters, flowers, plan adventure dates.  If I care about someone one, I like to surprise them with all kinds of fun and zany events.  I WILL rescue you from your 9-5, that’s a promise!  The problem is I have to care about you enough for me to want to do that. If I care about you, I’ll remember all the little things you said.  I’ll send you a picture frame as a way of saying congratulations for getting your new office, and have a picture of your favorite animal as a place holder.  I’ll pick you up from work because I want to see you, and because I understand that in the craziness that is life a 15-min car ride with you might be all I get today. I don’t like all the flack guys are getting!!!  I know I might not be the norm but seriously… all guys are capable of doing the little things and grand gestures if they feel like they’ve found their Princess.

I dated a girl before I reformed and was a terrible to her.  Since we’ve parted ways she dated two frogs before she found her Knight.  I think far too often we find ourselves in situations where we need to pull the plug because it’s not going anywhere.  Most people will stay and try to fit a round peg into a square hole, the strong few will cut bait and realize they deserve better.  I think we learn, we grow, and we evolve from those experiences.  It’s that growth and experience that enables us to see a Princess or a Knight coming.  Then you can distinguish a Knight in Shining Armour from a Knight in Under Armour or a real Princess from a lady in waiting.

When is it my turn?? I don't know, my relationship ticket read #3452... this might take a while!

I’m going on 2 years being single but I’m not giving up…  I know I’m a romantic but I paid my admission fee to this wild ride called life and I’m getting my happily-ever-after damn it!

Looking back on TheEngagementProjects post… maybe it isn’t so bad to be 11?

I think Ol’ Blue Eyes said it best – “Fairy tales… can come true…  It can happen to you… If you’re young at heart.”


20 responses to “Ol’ Blue Eyes gives me hope

  1. There is absolutely NO excuse for you being single! Do you hear that Bea? 😉

  2. oooh…. swoon!!! If Bea doesnt snatch you up. I will. Plus, I live closer to Canada then she does. (not by much, but its *still* closer! 😉 )

  3. stop filling my head with impossible dreams! i must hide in my cynical practicality. don’t shake my shanty of self-preservation!

    and also, swoon.

  4. well, damn, now *i* have a new twitter crush. ❤

  5. Oh, you give us ladies hope! 🙂

  6. I’m envious of your actions towards your objects of affection. It does give ladies a glimmer of hope to know there are men out there who put that much thought into the feelings of their partner, not to mention the way you’ve gone above and beyond.

    Here’s the kicker though, being a single gal I have seen that level of attentiveness from you and one other guy! I know my guy friends have been head over heels for girls, but it seems they are incapable of thinking of the extras like you and this other gentleman. This is why we ladies dispair that men like you only exist in fairy tales.

    Maybe you should look at running seminars to bring other boys up to speed. 😉

  7. K, Maybe I am the last of a dying breed… no comments by men! Interesting?!?

    Thanks for all the comments…

  8. I really liked this blog, and Bea’s. I don’t think there’s a matter of one being right and the other one wrong. The thing is, the decision to BE a good boyfriend (or girlfriend!) is a conscious one, and it takes time and effort. Surprisingly few men I’ve met have taken that time. So the “knight in shining armor” may be a dying breed — but a few of them (like you) still exist. Thank you!

    To be totally fair, I feel as though society AND women, not just the laziness of men, have played a factor in this decline. By glorifying bad boys and those who don’t treat women well, we as a society are telling boys/men that this kind of behavior is OK. It’s not!

    I’ll reiterate what I said earlier: thanks for caring.

  9. OK, the men need to comment, and I will be thy challenger:


    That is all.

  10. That being said, I think our expectations of the perfect man/woman drown out the reality and possibilty of those who are actually in our lives.

    Just be careful my friend, lest you end up on a pedestal that you can’t possibly live up to. My NDF (blog from March) put me on that pedestal and was stunned when I fell short of her “image of me”.

  11. GourmetRambler

    You know what? It may be a long time before any of us find the right person. And reality is it may not be in the cards for some of us, who knows. I choose to believe, just like you. I choose to believe that my dream guy is out there looking for me even as we speak. I have made a choice to not date recreationally until I find someone I can be serious about. Somehow, that decision brought me a lot more dates, go figure. Most of them quite amusing/disastrous.

    I have been single longer than you, and it doesn’t get any easier not to lose faith, let me tell ya. However, reading your post here, after having read Caleb Gardner’s post on chivalry http://theexceptionalman.com/2010/05/16/checking-the-pulse-on-chivalry-still-alive/ I find my hope for the best renewed. And for that I thank you.

    And yes, she will be one lucky woman, that Princess of yours. I am a little envious. 😉 *cough-Bea-cough*

  12. You aren’t the only romantic out there, but there definitely should be much more of you for the rest of us. I do think it should be a give and take though, that we women shouldn’t just expect it from men and not treat our men like kings in return. We (men and women) should all practice treating our special someones like the precious, unique and marvelous people that they are. It’s amazing how people step up when they truly *feel* that love being poured on them.

  13. It sounds like you’re well on your way to your happily ever after, you just need the girl and you’ll be all set!

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