Do famous people encourage cheating?

I’ve had the pleasure of living life in the fast lane on occasion, I have a brother who is a professional athlete.  In my younger days when I’d go down to visit him people would just assume I was also an athlete.  The hardcore fan would likely know I wasn’t a player, but a group of autograph chasers standing outside a hotel rarely had a clue.  I’ve been asked for autographs a couple of times but can never bring myself to sign anything.  I just tell them sorry I actually don’t play on the team, half of the people think I’m lying to get out of signing and the other half are just disappointed.

One of my first big nights out in the big city happened to be on New Years Eve.  Drinks were flowing, (reoccurring theme on my blog) I’m out with some other athletes and I’m having a great time. (I actually went behind the bar and was serving up drinks… BEST NIGHT EVER)  Up to that point in my life I thought it was a myth, I knew athletes had it easy… but come on… that easy??  Give me a break!!  Boy was I wrong, upon entering the bar we went straight to the VIP section.  I could feel the eyes on me, it was kind of strange… On my many trips out of the VIP section I got accosted by three women on different occasions.  The last one caught my fancy so between grinding/making out on the dance floor and doing shots/drinks, I was having the best time a 22-year-old kid could conceivably have.  She’s asking me questions about the team, and what position I played.  I’m throwing out half answers because I didn’t want to come out and tell her the truth.  But alas as I consumed more I wanted less and less to be a fraud.  So I spill the beans about not being a football player, and told her I was down visiting my brother.  (I can’t lie when I’m drunk) She gets this look on her face like I’ve just wasted her time, she turns around and just walks away.  She broke my little intoxicated 22-year-old heart, I thought for sure I had just scored a hot model and it was because I was charming… NOT because she thought I was a football player.  So I picked up my shattered dreams and made my way back to the VIP.  The night comes to an end and I head outside to the limo to go home, when I see little miss “chase-an-athlete” waving down a cab.  She spots me getting into the limo with my brother and some other people and she suddenly becomes my best friend again.  Luckily I had grown up in the short hour and a half since she ditched me, so I totally blew her off  and it felt great. (How you like me now!!)

From this experience I came to two conclusions A) If I was famous I’d never have a girl friend till I was done with my celebrity because temptation is everywhere. B) Ladies stop dating/marrying celebrities and go for regular guys. (I’m free)

I’ve been cheated on and it’s not fun, it’s a complete evisceration of trust.  And I don’t want to let famous guys that cheat off the hook either, they’re way to fast and loose with their morals.  They clearly have the opportunity to say no and remove themselves from the situation like everyone else does.  But there in lies the problem, how do you expect someone who has everything and gets anything they want to say NO.  The confidence and prowess that makes them great at what they do, is really also there down fall.

Cheating has become common place in our society, the people we look up to cheat without a second thought.  (We really shouldn’t look up to famous people, but that’s another whole posting)  Tiger Woods, Tiki Barber, David Boreanaz, etc…  People cheat as easy as they belch, then they offer a “sorry” like the fact they apologized excuses them from soiling the air with their stomach stench.  I despise cheating, but I’ve become unfazed by celebrity and political infidelity.

I just wonder as the next generation grows up are we going to see more free and easy couples?  People who look up to the Lindsay Lohans and celebrities of the world.  People who want that celebrity lifestyle and assume regular rules don’t apply to them?  (Generation TMZ) Or are we going to see everything go retro?  A throw back to my parents day and age… when you stuck it out, because the words “I love you” and “I do” meant forever!

7 responses to “Do famous people encourage cheating?

  1. Please explain to me why are you single? I too have been cheated on (it ruined my marriage)and I agree with everything you say. Keep writing…I’m gonna keep reading

  2. I agree! Keep writing. Also, I know the right lady is out there for you.

  3. I definitely think that the images that we see of celebrity dating behavior does impact and influence our collective unconsciousness. However, one of the reason that celebrities act that way is because: 1. We “forgive” them their transgressions far too easily at the box office by going to see their work (Should Charlie Sheen ever have an acting job again?); 2. That me first attitude is already a part of our culture and celebrity behavior is more of a symptom to our overall illness of “me” first.

    But, my new friend, do not lost faith in yourself and let the rest of the world suck!

    • ha, ha, ha… I’ll never understand how Two and A Half Men is the #1 comedy sitcom in the USA… (I can’t stand Charlie Sheen… he’s not even good)

      You’re right about the me first attitude… any thoughts on how we change it?

      • Hmm. Well, if we used one massive Electromagnetic Pulse and disabled all technology, people would start having to interact with others on a real level again.

        Sadly, since that is not practical, I have no idea. I think society is far more content being douschy than it is willing to admit!

  4. The other side of the fact that we always hear about cheaters is the fact that stable, happy, healthy relationships get no air time! And why would they? How interesting is, “These two people are still happy! Everything’s great; they’re honest with each other and monogamous.”

    That report is never going to make it into TV/radio/tabloids/papers. It’s unfortunate, but true.

    That said, you’re right – when it’s the only thing you hear about, I’d imagine it’s having a ton of influence on the younger generations. I hope we do see a swing back to the values of our parents’ day.

  5. You = a good man. If I weren’t already married to the best available, I’d have a teensy crush on internet-you.

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