a little worse for wear

This is about a boy, a girl, and a whole lot of bad timing.  You see the girl was in a strenuous relationship at the time they met and turned to her new-found friend as a rock.  Somewhere along the line signals got crossed and the boy wanted more, and it only seemed natural… they got along well, there was a mutual attraction, and they never had a bad time together.  Unfortunately the girl was unwilling to leave her tumultuous relationship, so their friendship never evolved.  But before everything was said and done, the boy wrote a letter to the girl asking her to take a leap of faith with him….

I’m looking over the edge… It’s really not that far
Here’s my hand, take it… It’s only a small leap, we’ll make it
We’ll land a little worse for wear, but truth be told it’s a pain I’ll bear
Cause the uncertainty of this height blinds me like a shining light
And I lose you in its glaring beam, because up here… to me… you’re just a dream
But down there we care, we love, we share
We laugh, we fight, I’m wrong, you’re right
Down there you’re a landscape of infinite bliss
Up here you’re a hope, a whisper, a wish
So think about the life you have, think about all the times you were sad
Now think about your feet on the ground, think about all the joy you’ve found
Think of all the nights you’ve cried
When you land, you’ll look up and ponder why
Why did I stay at such a failing height
Why did I sustain those wounds in heart breaks fight
Down there the air is crisp and soothing
And there’ll be no fighting so don’t worry about losing
Don’t worry about painful bloodshot nights
Once we make this leap everything will be alright
We’ll be freed from glances of want and thoughts of what if
Trust me, you’ll land in my arms… believe me, I won’t miss
I know I shouldn’t beg, it’s not becoming
I’m at the edge now, lets stop this haunting

One response to “a little worse for wear

  1. Its better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all.

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