my love has a home…

I was thinking about how everyday I write something, whether it be a measly four lines that don’t make sense or a full on poem.  I always try to put something down, and then at the end of the week I like to revisit the unfinished pieces.  I came up with this today while thinking about that process.  I hope you enjoy. =)

I try to write a piece a day

That’s how I stow my love away

I tuck it in imaginative verses and rhymes I try to play off as worthless

It’s hidden underneath my doubt and sometimes gets lost when I spout

It sleeps amongst my adjectives and bathes in my thoughts of “want” and “what if”

It works with verbs and reports to nouns

It’s a hard-working love, so it won’t complain or frown

It plays on pages and computer screens

But you’ll have to read hard for it’s rarely seen

If you’re lucky you might see my love come straight from my lips

In a smile… a whisper… a saying… or a kiss

For now be happy that my love has a home

It just visited your life as you narrated this poem

One response to “my love has a home…

  1. i like this poem.
    nicely done

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