Riffing on Saturn’s Rings

So last week Wednesday I had the pleasure of going to see some great poets recite some very inspirational poetry.  After getting a taste of their sweet lyrical candy, I felt like drumming up a little spoken word poetry of my own. 

Please enjoy, also a quick thank you to everyone that has subscribed to the blog… it means a lot.

I’m getting better with age and the whole world is my stage,

so with my next performance you’ll be shocked and amazed!

I’m going to light up your face, I’m going to light up this place

Cause I’m the star that didn’t know it, I’m that accidental poet

You see I’m ripping the lime light and God only knows if the times right

So while their exiting stage left, I’m laying down my plans best

I’m setting my sites high, aiming straight at the night sky

Flying past constellations, on this path of greatness I’m blazing

As I take sips from the dipper, my flow only gets sicker

And my stock must be rising cause I’m chillin’ with Orion

So on this meteoric climb, “excuse me, while I kiss the sky”

And like the late Jimi Hendrix, this feeling I have is stupendous

I’m riffing on Saturn’s rings, creating sounds that’d make nations sing

Almost like giving sight to the blind, I must out of my mind

I don’t have the gift of healing, but we all have the gift of feeling

So tonight when you go home, make sure that your loves known

Make sure that the pleasure’s good, and if you haven’t kissed em’ you proly should

Because your next performance, might be of the utmost importance

It might be about expressing your true feelings, maybe about a love that destroys ceilings

Maybe about a passion that burns bright for a cause or a heroic fight

Maybe bringing hope to the helpless, we all have gifts that we’re blessed with

My next performance might be words, constantly smiling as I drop verbs

2 responses to “Riffing on Saturn’s Rings

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