I’m hemorrhaging Digital Alimony… I think I need a Technical Prenup – Part 3

Sorry for keeping you waiting, I know you’re just dying to find out the rest of the stories in the world of my cell phone relationships.  We left off with the fail that was the Danger Hip-Top 2, but my cell phone fortunes were about to take a turn for the better.

Digital Love! HTC Touch

Since Fido was the new bane of my existence, I decided to switch to Rogers.  If I signed a three-year contract I could get a sweet phone for like $220.  So I went to the internet forums and checked around for what was new and hot for phones.  I settled on the HTC Touch and my life from that moment on was changed forever.   The relationship with this phone was a thing of beauty, it was everything I wanted.  First it was one of the smallest phones I’ve ever owned, and it was completely customizable.  It was all touch screen, had a 2mp camera, expandable memory and a super cool user interface.  I could get all my emails on my phone almost instantaneously, my calendar and contacts synced with my Outlook calendar on my computer.  I could assign actual photos to contacts and more importantly I could make my own ringtones.  (I think I officially became a menace to society with the noises that came out of my phone) It was also my introduction to the world of apps for a cell phone, I had an app for texting, had Google maps, games, games and more games.  This phone was an extension of me for the better part of a year and a half.  The weather, news, facebook… everything was at the touch of my fingertips and it was glorious.  The honey moon eventually ended because I had a windows mobile phone and let’s face it, the lag on those phones is ridiculous.  So even though things got a little troublesome at the end, I was still pretty crushed when the pressure sensor on the screen broke.  I couldn’t access any of the information, all I could do was stare at the home screen and receive calls.  After a hefty game of tug of war with the people over at Rogers, I decided it would be in my best interest to just buy a new phone out right.

Droid Does!  HTC Dream

We’ve now caught up to the present and my current phone, the best phone I’ve ever owned. (Set me back $700)  If the Hip-Top 2 and the HTC Touch got it on, this phone was their extremely good-looking offspring.  (It would be perfect if I could find “Nameless Girl” and make it a ringtone)  I decided to go with a keyboard and a touch screen because I didn’t want a repeat of what happened with the HTC Touch.  This phone has  the most intuitive user interface out there, the Android OS by Google.  This phone is simple, smart, fast and backed by a giant.  Since this is basically a Google phone, it automatically syncs my Gmail contacts and Google calendar.  It has a 3.2mp camera, so my mobile photo game has gotten exponentially better.  The Android marketplace is one of the fastest growing app markets, and some of the apps that I’ve been able to get my hands on are just silly.  Every sound this phone makes is fully customizable, from a chirping bird when I get my tweets or the sound of Mario going down a tunnel whenever I get a text message.  Sure people might get annoyed with me when I’m out because I’m always on my phone or because it makes sounds like I have a megatron in my pocket when I get an email.  I love this phone or should I say loved, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it but I did catch a glimpse of a new phone coming out… and essential it was the beginning of the end.

The #1 Draft Pick! Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

I don’t even know what to say about this phone, so I’ll just list some of the features. 8mp camera with flash, Android OS, 1 GHz processor, Email, Text, and MMS.  This phone is the truth, ohhhh the damage I could do with an 8mp camera that has smile and face detection.  The 1 GHz processor means my phone will operate at unreal speeds, plus it looks so smooth with a massive 4” touch screen.

So as I wrap up this look at my cell phone history, a couple things are clear to me.  I’m addicted to having the latest technology and that’s the wrong reason for amassing a huge arsenal of cell phones.  I’ve played with the iPhone and in all likelihood if I got one, I wouldn’t need to go around buying new phones.  So I’m going to make a promise… A) I’m recycling/giving away all my old phones B) I’m making a conscience effort to stop wasting money on cell phones… right after I get the Xperia X10.  That will be my last phone till my 30th birthday, unless it breaks.

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