a dangerously blissful delusion

So a couple nights ago I woke up from the most incredible dream, in it I was sleeping beside the most beautiful woman.  We were wrapped in blankets on a peaceful Sunday morning, felt so good and so real.  Once I woke up I tried desperately to get back to that dream state, back to that sliver in time where everything kind of stood still.  Unfortunately I couldn’t acheive that state again and I had to enter the world, but the following piece of poetry is what unfurled.  

Woke up to your face in a reflection, caught your smile in a glow

Your beauty is impeccable and I just thought you should know

I also smelt you in my sheets, and I tasted you on my tongue

So I immersed myself in the moment in an attempt stay the waking sun

I tried to beat back the morning light and I quarreled with progressing time

Resistance is clearly futile, but when I dream your always mine

You caress me when I close my eyes and kiss me as I breath

I never want to leave my bed cause in my dreams you’re all I need

You’re intoxicatingly perfect, an enchanting cure-all for my fears

So I’ll stay wrapped in these blankets cause leaving might incite tears

You might be a figment of my imagination, a dangerously blissful delusion

But I only feel crazy when I leave this bed, some maybe out there is the real illusion


One response to “a dangerously blissful delusion

  1. This is sweet! I am thoroughly and genuinely impressed.

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