Cannon ball into the deep end?? Why not!

I’m taking a brief interlude from tech week to share my wonderful night of music and great conversation. The scene was Kai Asian Grill for the United Colors of Soul, which was a gathering of some of the most talented musicians and poets in Edmonton. Scintillating soulful beats and rhythmic spoken word poetry softly caressed you ears, conjuring up images of love, life, sex and sneakers. (The poem about shoes was silly good) The night featured the elegantly cool Krystle Dos Santos and a new personal favorite of mine Jeff Hendrick. Hendricks rendition of old and new soul and R&B hits on the piano and saxophone was wicked. It was great music, which might have only been out done by the company I was with.

I was extended an invitation to this event by the girl who was the subject of one of my past blogs. (Go Here) At first I wasn’t sure if was going to accept, it was going to be her and her friends and I would know zero people. (Warning: if you’re going to twitter or blog be prepared to be called out.) So as I deliberated on whether I should accept the invitation, I sent out a quick tweet about saying yes in a no situation. (@TurnJacson: When your inital reaction is to say no, take a deep breath and say yes? Only in certain situations!) She saw this tweet and quickly emailed me telling me in so many words to suck it up . The challenge had been thrown down and at this point saying no wasn’t an option.

Turns out the night was exasperatingly fun, I’ve never been called an intuitive man and a coward in the same night before. We talked about the random series of events that lead to the nights encounter, to which there was many different views of what actually went down 6 years ago… for the record, what I wrote in my blog is the gospel truth! Talked about the sheer gamble that people embark on when they go on blindates, and whole plethora of other topics.

Needless to say tonight I swam… with a school of straight shooters! But in the bigger scheme of things, it’s those random uncertain nights that can turn out to be the funnest.

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