Is it an iWorld and I’m just living in it?

In life there’s always endless struggle… Good vs. Bad, Light vs. Dark, Betty or Veronica, Pepsi or Coke. I’m caught in one of those power struggles as we speak! You see my desktop PC is about six years old and for my next purchase I want to get a laptop. Which leads me to the classic Mac or PC debate?

Full disclosure, I’ve been raging against the machine that is Mac for the better portion of my life. I’ve rocked many different windows smart phones, and I’m currently rocking an HTC android device. (In a world that doesn’t Droid does) I have a Microsoft Zune player for MP3s and a Microsoft Xbox for gaming. For the most part I’ve steered clear of having any sort of iUniverse, but the iPundits are growing. Their once quiet whispers have turned into loud shrieks of how awesome their iLifestyle is. How the Mac/iphone photo exporter automatically tags your friends in facebook, or how smooth the system runs. Not to mention the gazillion and one applications/widgets you can get to make your life simpler. I’m not even mad at Apple, as a company they make a great product and they’re excellent marketers. I have two songs on my MP3 player that I started listening to because of their well placed commercials. (The Submarines – You, Me and the Bourgeoisie & The Fratellis – Flathead) I just don’t like how they’re anti-growth through competition, unless that growth is an idea they came up with.

I think you’ve got all the price points covered Apple… cool off on the lawsuits!

I guess the biggest selling feature for me is that I’ve never heard someone with a Mac complain. All I ever hear from ipeople is how awesome their Mac Book Pro is or how seamless everything works. I have one friend already signed up to be my imentor and telling me all the programs I need to download.

As I write this it’s clear to see that I’m leaning towards getting a Mac, I welcome all and any feedback on the Mac vs. PC debate.

It starts with a Mac Book then next thing you know I have an iphone, please I need all the help I can get before I become an ilemming!

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