I just threw myself down a hill… what did you do today?

Fear has a way of limiting what we do or what we think we’re capable of doing.  The fear of uncertainty… fear of dying… fear of rejection.  All these lead to us making decisions and performing actions that keep us safe and secure.  But fear is just an emotional response to a perceived threat and we control our emotions.  So for 2010 like I’ve stated earlier I’m trying to control my fear, and I’m doing this by being as uncomfortable and unfamiliar as possible.

So in an attempt to do something completely foreign, I went snowboarding today for the first time.  I was nervous, scared, and sweating and all I  was doing was waiting for my teachers to arrive.  Then over the course of the morning something magical happened.  I hit a wall… an insurmountable problem that I didn’t think was going to be solved.  I COULDN’T GET UP ON TO MY BOARD!!! “Just stand up” said my teacher.  What she failed to realize was that the ground was moving under me, so “standing up” wasn’t really an option as far as I was concerned.  (She was amazingly patient and is the sole reason I ended doing decently well for a first timer)

So after numerous attempts at getting up on the back edge of my board ended in failure, something incredible happened!  I simple looked at her and said “Can I just get up on my toe edge?  That seems like it would be a lot easier.”  Puzzled she admitted she hadn’t thought about that as an option and we decided to give it a go.  Next thing you know… Oops, Pow, Surprise, I was up on the first attempt, within minutes I found a comfort level and it only grew exponentially after that.  By the end of the day I was carving on my toe and back edges, wasn’t afraid to pick up a little steam, linking turns together… it was an EPIC feeling.

I guess my point is every single one of us is capable of greatness, we can literally do whatever we set our minds to.  Today my greatness consisted of me throwing myself down a hill at blinding speeds. (okay maybe I wasn’t going that fast, but it felt fast)  If you would’ve told me a year ago that I would be a half decent snowboarder on my first day, I would’ve laughed at you and given you a laundry list of reason why that wasn’t possible.  But today I just took a deep breath and made it possible, and that’s all it takes… a conscience effort to want to succeed!

Me and my board made sweet music today!

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