She was a blinding Supernova…

There are a few things in life that will completely intimidate a man, the biggest one… an independent, strong woman.  I’m not talking about your generic independent women, the one who pays her own bills or has her own place.  I’m talking about a woman that has the world by the balls in one hand, and is drinking a chai latte from Starbucks in the other hand… all while looking amazing.  A women that is grounded physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Before I go off on my latest experience I need to apologize for my hiatus, I was down with the sickness.  While that’s not an excuse because I’m pretty sure my brain was still conjuring up fantastical ideas, I was just too lazy to type them up.  So for that I apologize!

Now back to the Goddess I ran into recently, a little back story.  When I was in university I was enamored by the beauty of this uniquely interesting girl.  One drunken night, I managed to actually get her number.  So I called her and did the whole “wanna hang out” thing, and got the door shut on my face.  At the tender age of 21/22 the rejection was pretty harsh so I didn’t bother to purse any further… who knows what would have happened if I grew a pair and was a little more assertive.  Fast forward 5/6 years to 2010 and one of my goals this year is to do something completely out of my comfort zone once a month.  So for January I email said Goddess and asked her to drinks/coffee thinking there is no chance  in hell she’ll reply, but to my surprise she did and said yes.

So it’s game time and people who know me, know that I can talk and if I get nervous I just talk some more.  I arrive at Starbucks with a whistle and a smile, we sit down and start chatting.  At about the ten minute  mark of our conversation I realized that I might be in over my head.  Classic thrown into the deep end… sink or swim situation.  She is an entrepreneur, confident, smart, beautiful and dare I say slightly intimidating.  If this was a prize fight within minutes she’d painted me into a corner and was feeding me body shots which I was apparently more than willing to take.  I can’t carry a conversation, I’m having trouble remembering stories, for all intensive purpose I was choking but it couldn’t be helped I was literally caught off guard.  It started with the following exchange…

We were talking about work and I stated that I wasn’t working with my degree to which she responded “Why?” (Ohhhh… Left Jab to the face!!  She got me… I’m reeling, keep your feet son… keep your feet)  I took a second and decided it’s probably better to be honest and tell her that A) Sports Management doesn’t pay well in Canada B) I just bought a place.  She reads my defensive strategy all to well and counters with a right cross and upper cut gut.  “Oh, don’t use a house as an excuse… rent it out and move.” (At this point if I had a cut man he’d be shaking his head in disgust)  We then went on to discuss life, family, work, relationships and had really good evening.

Sure it was a rough start but she touched on a couple areas that I’d been trying to avoid discussing or thinking about.  It’s always hard to hear the truth and the truth of the matter is I could be doing a lot more, but I’m getting in my own way.  She wasn’t literally attacking me, but when you hear certain truths out loud it has a way of shaking your foundation.  I haven’t been on my toes like that in a long time and needless to say I really enjoyed the conversation.

Now I’m not saying I’m crazy about her, actual there’s a huge sense of trepidation about asking her out again.  I know I can swim, the question is how well?  Because she’s clearly a better swimmer than me!  What this encounter did do was lift my spirits, I’ve dealt with girls that were wishy washy.  My brother told me once “Girls don’t know what they want, so they waste their time and yours.  A women knows what she wants and she’s grateful when she gets it.”  So it was good to see a strong, independent woman, someone who is totally comfortable in their own skin and in love with themselves.  Someone who shoots from the hip and tells you what’s up, even if she doesn’t know you.  Someone who is genuinely honest and open.

So I just wanted to acknowledge all you beautiful, hard working women out there.  Your strength is immeasurable and you can be more intimidating than a man in a suit, and I love you for that.

In the universe of our lives we’re usually the brightest star, but every now and then we run into a supernova and we can’t help but want to shine as bright as they do. – Me

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