They’re gone… but these damn fingerprints last forever!!!

Fingerprints people… You ever wonder how many fingerprints important people leave in your life?  And I’m not talking actual fingerprints that the gang from CSI is going to use when they come to arrest you for that thing you did a couple weeks ago.   (Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!)  I’m talking metaphorical fingerprints…What’s a metaphorical fingerprint? It’s anything that reminds you of someone… could be a hat, a song, a poem, a meal. Something that makes you conjure up an image or meaning, and when you interact with that thing you think of a certain person.

People in relationships are littered with fingerprints from the people they are with, and it’s usually these fingerprints that make breaking up or going without them so hard. Might be a scent, a song, their favorite T.V. show, a picture, a gift they gave you. We usually don’t notice peoples impact on our lives till they’re vacant from it, we never really understand how someone can truly change us till we’ve completed the change and reflect on it.

I woke up this morning just noticing gifts I’d had gotten from certain people and how it would be impossible for me to go a day with thinking of some of the people in my life because their fingerprints are so prevalent. The same person that gave me my favorite scarf also bought me a plant for my kitchen, she also helped me pick out my sheets, (get your mind out of the gutter) and the list goes on and on. So just by interacting with these objects I can’t help but think about those times and obviously thinking about her.

As a general rule I think everyone needs to take time and really appreciate the people that impact their lives. We never say I love you enough or tell people how we feel… people are far too comfortable being quiet and status quo. Make sure that you liter the people you care about with your fingerprints, so if the time comes you have to part ways or God forbid you’re taken from them. They can see and feel you in things they touch and interact with, people who know you should always have a piece of you… so you’re never really gone.

Every moment shared with someone, is a chance to leave a fingerprint.

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