The social dynamic of the battered breakfast family

So this morning as I was entertaining the idea of breakfast, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat.  Did I want waffles, pancakes, or maybe crepes?  Maybe go simple with a bowl of cereal or toast and eggs.  Then I started to think how great the family of battered breakfast really is, they’re so tasty and if you could you would eat them all the time.  Waffles, Pancakes, Crepes, French Toast… all very delicious.  But just like every family there has to be a certain dynamic between the members.

Pancakes are the everyday blue collar worker in the family, they’re simple and they work hard.  Pancakes aren’t the risk takers in the family, they’re always even keel.  When Crepes and French Toast get into a fight, it’s usually Pancakes that breaks them up.  Crepes are the brains of the family, they went to Oxford… read (and understand) Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy.  Crepes are generally un-liked because they’re quite pretentious, they drive the nice cars, eat the finest foods and shop at only the nicest boutiques.

Waffles are the emo/artistic member of the family and they want so badly not to be like Pancake.  So they undergo a transformation that no one else in the family understands.  Waffles see the mundane existence of Pancakes and strive for something more, they strive to be different by having divots and ruts. (this clearly makes them more complex) Waffles are quiet and don’t say much, they’re a little bit of a loner and get picked on because they don’t get created in a “pan” like everyone else in the family.  French Toast is the adopted member of the family, they don’t really belong because lets face it… they’re a piece of bread.  French Toast is the free spirit that decided to travel the world by backpack and always gets into fights with Crepes over issue.  Crepes see potential in French Toast but French Toast lives life by the seat of their pants.

Man I love breakfast… and it looks like I’m the Waffle of my family! Weird

One response to “The social dynamic of the battered breakfast family

  1. I have to be in the mood for pancakes, but when I do eat them they are great 🙂

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