Sidney Crosby owes me a sick day

After Canada’s riveting win over the USA in hockey last night, it only seems fitting that a larger majority of Canadians would show up to work hung over.  After all it was one of the most recent defining moments in Canadian history.  It was total and utter domination of the podium with a record setting 14 gold medals.  An overtime win against our arch rivals, who just happened to beat us earlier in tournament play.  You would think that with all this Canadian patriotism they would have made March 1st Sidney Crosby Day… because lets face it, nobody wants to be at work.

So when I showed up at work today with my runny nose, pounding headache, raspy voice, and old man smoker cough.  Nobody and I mean nobody believed I was sick, everyone assumed that I had one to many pints at the bar while relishing Canada in all its splendor.  Don’t get it twisted though it was the splendor of Canada that did me in, the splendor that is 6 months of winter.  Starting on Friday I was unable to do anything, I was as sick as a dog and I even wanted to call in sick today.  But due to Canada’s wining ways it made it virtually impossible for me to do so.  There is no way I could have called in sick with out looking like a punk who couldn’t handle his liquor and got carried away in all the pandemonium. 

Think how many people across the country that had legitimate reasons to call in sick today, but couldn’t… they had to suck it up and go to work.  All we’re doing is infecting everyone else, dare I say the number of people that call in sick on Tuesday will be greater than the number of people that call in sick on Monday.  It’s going to be the residual affect… everyone is going to get infected on Monday and call in sick on Tuesday.

So thanks Team Canada… thanks for taking away a sick day I actually needed.

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