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There’s Always Tomorrow

As I drift further and further away from the shore, I tread water and try to catch my breath.

“One more time”, I tell myself as I dive below into the deep depths of reality and search for what’s lost.

Not only was it the anchor that kept me firmly attached to the now distance mirage I called my dreams. It was also the motor that kept me going till I reached the next port and refueled my soul.

But as I gaze into the endless blue unknown of tomorrow I’m afraid she’s fallen prey to Davy Jones and they’ll be no saving her.

I imagine her trapped in his locker, expelling her last breaths in a plea to be found. While I resurface, look to the skies, and float along… quietly telling myself.

“Tomorrow… Tomorrow… I’ll find my motivation.”

Property of Mr Squee

Home (re)Grown Vol. 7

So I’ve been a little MIA for the last couple days… but I have a good excuse.  The move finally happened.  I loaded up my life and made the trek to Montreal, still getting settled and so far this place has been amazing.  Miss having family a stones throw away, but I’ll see them soon enough.

Here’s a little photo journal of my trip so far… I’ve eaten at the Famous Schwartz’s Deli (incredible smoked meat sandwiches), La Banquise (unreal poutine), and Restaurant Rapido.